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School Age Playground

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The first sign of spring for you just MIGHT BE when you see "workers" installing the poured rubber for our brand new playground!!
The poured rubber surface is the very latest for playgrounds and ensures not only having a soft fall surface, but one that does not have seams to split and degrade!

Spring IS coming, right?!?!?! 
Purchase with purpose. Shop for back to school supplies at and Amazon donates to Sunflower Child Care Center Inc.
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Help out our special projects such as the School Age Playground!

Heard of "Farm to Early Care and Education"?

Family Style Dining/Eating in the Classroom/MENU

WE HAVE!  Sunflower is proud that we are VERY involved with Farm to Early Care and Education programming.  This program is in conjunction with the Food and Fitness Initiative in our area. 

We are expanding our garden each year and getting the children more and more involved with learning about where their food comes from, the issues in dealing with a garden (bugs, pests, and DEER!), and enjoying the harvesting!

We have dedicated significant employee time to this effort - Lead Teacher Darla spends time with all the children each week educating them about their food and enabling them to get hands on experience, too!

Want to learn more?  Click on or copy this link:

Sunflower  follows Iowa Child Care Resource and Referral's recommendation to utilize and teach family-style dining to our children!

What exactly IS family-style dining you ask? 

It involves teaching our children from a very young age to sit at a table, converse with their friends/teachers, learn how to pass bowls of food, put food on their plate, eat with utensils,  learn and use table manners, talk about their day, and much more!  Lunch time is also learning time!  A sense of community is fostered in a very meaningful way. 

It is also recommended that children eat IN THEIR CLASSROOM - there are many benefits to this, including less wait time for children, fewer transitions for children to tolerate, etc.

Our 1, 2, and 3 year old classrooms are well on their way with family-style dining!  Staff is currently working with the 4 year old state preschool room and VERY SOON will implement the change into the baby room - yes!  We will have the cutest little table and chairs you have ever seen - will be seating about 2-3 of the "older" little ones at a time and helping them learn these life skills, too!

Our Menu this Week:  April 22nd-26th

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